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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Organization Of Cruise Ship Personnel

Y ou have now been introduced to the cruise industry, it's history, the layout of a cruise ship and to areas where cruises operate.

We are sure you found it very interesting. Now we come to an area which is probably of greater importance to you : the organization of cruise ship personnel.
As on most other vessels, cruise ships are run with a stringent code of regulations that have to be followed. Cruise ships have more personnel than other ships. The usual ratio of personnel on a cruise ship is approximately one crew member for every two passengers. There is a lot of work to be done and everyone works towards accomplishing the objective of the cruise, which is to give the passengers a relaxing,comfortable vacation with fun and variety so that they will come back again and always talk about the wonderful time they had. Of course, the absolute head of the cruise ship is the Captain. He is in charge of the three major departments carrying out all the functions of the ship.
The captain and his officers run the Deck Department and Engine Department but he is also the higest authority of the Hotel Department.
Cruise ships, as well as other vessels, have a basic structure of command and adhere to the formalities of ships at sea. All crew members are expected to follow the rules of conduct established by the cruise line and work together as a team.
In order to run a good ship there has to be a strict structure of authority and rank. Crew members have to take orders from highest ranked personnel, even though they may be from another department. There is a general air of respect, team work and discipline onboard the ship.
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